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The Main Function of Magnetized Water Processor Have? [Jun 06,2014]
The Main Function of Magnetized Water Processor Have?
(1) antiscaling function
Enter the boiler has a certain velocity of flow of water through the magnetic line of force cutting, produce certain charge and charge movement of the electromotive force, become magnetized water. At the same time the water impurity also take charge, produce potential, make its become have polarity substance, changed the original electrostatic attraction state, so as to prevent the water calcium magnesium ion impurities such as through the ion attraction combining produce crystalline class scale, but to form the easy to gather and precipitated JieJingWu soft, to avoid the boiler heating surface and pipe scaling, in order to achieve the purpose of fouling
(2) oxygen resistance rust corrosion effect
Water flow through the magnetizing apparatus into boiler, oxygen molecules in the water by a single molecule of water containing, make dissolved oxygen (do) into inert oxygen, cutting off the oxygen metal corrosion sources, plays the role of oxygen resistance rust. At the same time due to the high frequency electromagnetic wave arouses suspension composite modulation frequency electromagnetic places produce "skin effect", in the surface gathering on excess of negative charge, and constantly attract iron ion in the water, prevent metal wall separating iron ion soluble in water, and make the original heating surface of Fe2O3 (red rust) reduction or generation with strong corrosion resistance of black rust outer membrane Fe3O4. In addition, the water is magnetization can produce hydrogen ion, in heating surface ha is formed on the good protection effect of hydrogen ion envelope, all can in metal containers and pipes have very good anti-corrosion effect.
(3) the descaling effect
Due to the water absorbed a lot of motivation by electronic, water dipole moment increase, form with high potential of particles, can effectively make metal surface and the line for some scale loose off, then achieves the descaling effect.
(4) the effect of algae fungicidal
Water has been magnetized the biological damage cells ion channels, change the water microorganism, biological growth environment, make it lose survival condition, thus plays the role of algae fungicidal.